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Once you submit your application

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Steps once you submit your application

1. Once you correctly submit your app, your status is INSCRITA.

Please make sure this is your status upon submitting. Sometimes an application gets left behind in BORRADOR or BORRADOR SIN DESTINO status and this means that your application has not been submitted. Follow the instructions in the PROFEX handbook to confirm that your status is INSCRITA.

2. When the reviewers in Spain open your application and examine the documents you have presented and if everything is correct, you will receive an email that confirms your ADMITIDA status. This means that your application has been reviewed and approved. You now qualify to receive a regional placement.

Please note that although you may have an ADMITIDA status soon, regional placements will not begin to go out until after applications close. We ask you for your patience.

If some of the paperwork is missing or mistaken, you will be contacted by the reviewers and your status will be REGISTRADA. Once you hand in whatever is missing, the reviewers will change your status to ADMITIDA.

3. Once you have an ADMITIDA status, you just have to wait until you receive a regional placement. Please see our timeline for a general idea. We appreciate your patience.

You will receive the following message from this email address eadministracion@educacion.gob.es

Ha sido adjudicada la plaza en <DESC_ZONA_GEOGRAFICA> - <DESC_PAIS> a su solicitud <NUMERO_SOLICITUD> del programa de Auxiliares de Conversación en España.\n\n Si desea ACEPTAR, hágalo en la aplicación Profex en el plazo de TRES (3) días naturales a partir de la recepción de este mensaje.

DESC_ZONA_GEOGRAFICA will be substituted by the name of the region of Spain.

Please remember that you have 3 days to either accept the placement. You will ONLY be accepting or declining on the PROFEX platform following the instructions in section 1.8 of the Application Guidelines. This is the only way to do it. You do not have to send anyone an email.

4. Starting around mid/late May and through August/September, regional education offices in Spain will send out the Letters of Acceptance. This letter is of the upmost importance. This letter provides you with all the pertinent information concerning your assignment. You will need it to apply for a visa before leaving the Canada and then for a residency card (TIE) once you have arrived in Spain.

5. You cannot apply for a visa until you receive your Letter of Acceptance. However once you have a PLAZA ACEPTADA status you can begin to gather the required paperwork for your visa application, such as the background check. Kindly note that both the background check and its corresponding Apostille are handled by American offices and that these processes may be quite long in some cases.

We urge you not to purchase your airline tickets until your visa has been issued and you have it in hand to avoid unpleasant surprises. You should not assume that you will receive your visa by a certain date.

IMPORTANT: You will be receving information from different email addresses. Please keep an eye out for these different emails in your inbox and/or junk mail folders.

If notifications are coming from the Ministry, they will have a educacion.gob.es domain. If the email is from a regional education office, it will have a different domain.

Please see our Contact Us section for further information on email addresses for different offices involved in the process.

Common issues that applicants contact us about

1. Please do not send attachments to be reviewed. We are not allowed to download any attachments and the application is solely electronically filed. Applications are not reviewed at the NALCAP address. They are reviewed by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

2. For questions concerning your status - changes from Inscrita to Registrada to Admitida - please refer to the information provided above on this page or our Application Guidelines.

3. To this end, we kindly ask you to refrain from emailing us to ask us to check if everything on your application is ok. Or that there hasn't been a change in your status for days. Rest assured that if there are any issues concerning your application, a reviewer will contact you and let you know. Every application will be reviewed with the utmost consideration in its due turn.

The application process may not move forward as quickly we would like. See our timeline for a general idea. We understand and greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and ask you for your patience.TIA!


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