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Receiving your regional placement

Once you have an ADMITIDA status, you just have to wait until you receive a regional placement. Please see our timeline for a general idea. We appreciate your patience.

You will receive the following message from this email address eadministracion@educacion.gob.es

Ha sido adjudicada la plaza en <DESC_ZONA_GEOGRAFICA> - <DESC_PAIS> a su solicitud <NUMERO_SOLICITUD> del programa de Auxiliares de Conversación en España.\n\n Si desea ACEPTAR, hágalo en la aplicación Profex en el plazo de TRES (3) días naturales a partir de la recepción de este mensaje.

DESC_ZONA_GEOGRAFICA will be substituted by the name of the region of Spain.

Please remember that you have 3 days to either accept or decline the placement. You will ONLY be accepting or declining on the PROFEX platform following the instructions in section 2.6 of the Application Guidelines.

Visa Applications

PLAZA ACEPTADA status/month of June - request your background check!

You cannot apply for a visa until you have received your Letter of Acceptance (Carta de nombramiento).

However, in order to get the process rolling, once you have a PLAZA ACEPTADA status on the PROFEX portal or if it is the month of June - whichever comes first - you can begin to gather the required paperwork for your visa application, especially requesting the background check and its apostille. Please read our Visa guidelines - in the APPLYING FOR A VISA section - for complete information.

Kindly note that both the background check and its corresponding legalization (the Apostille) are handled by Canadian offices. These processes may be lenghty. In most cases, you will also have to translate the background check.

Background checks have a validity of 5 months - starting from the date that they were issued. They must be valid when you turn in all the paperwork for your visa application. Please be mindful of timeframes.

Check for specific requirements on your local Consulate General of Spain website.


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