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The Ministry of Education of Spain and the regional education offices handle renewals. We do not handle renewals at NALCAP.

All the information concerning application requirements for renewals can be found here or at your regional education offices.

Please make sure you follow the specific information put out by the Ministry of Education and/or the regional education offices for those who would like to renew. The application processes are different and separate, even though the same PROFEX 2 portal is used.

Keep in mind that renewals are only those who are currently language assistants in this program - the NALCAP/Ministry of Education program and only this official program.

If you are currently a language assistant in Spain with another program and would like to apply to NALCAP, you will be considered a new applicant, not a renewal.

If you were a language assistant in the past but not currently and would like to apply again, you are considered to be a new applicant.

Just to recap, if you are not actually in the program this year and would like to apply, then you are considered to be a new applicant. This is of the utmost importance as the applications are different.

Keep in mind that each regional education office has a limit on years of service in their jurisdiction.

Kindly note that the maximum number of years of service allowed for this program is a total of five (5) years in assignments in all and any regions of Spain. To confirm your standing in the program, you can check the PROFEX portal to see how many times you have been awarded a *PLAZA ACEPTADA* status. You will not be able to renew in the program if you have five (5) or more *PLAZA ACEPTADA* on record.

Also note that the regional education offices also have time limits on the participation of the program in their jurisdiction.

Priority in placements are given in the following order:

1. First year renewals in the same region.

2. New applicants and first year renewals in a different region.

3. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year renewals in this order until all placements have been filled.

For any and all questions concerning renewals, please contact





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