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Spanish Language and Culture Assistants program in Canada

Clase Glebe Collegiate Institute
Debate Glebe

Program Overview

The Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in Canada, sponsor a Spanish Language and Culture Assistants program for elementary, middle and high schools as well as for universities with Spanish Resource Centers sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

This program gives Canadian students the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and culture from native speakers. Similarly, the Spanish assistants will have the opportunity to learn about the Canadian culture, improve their command of English or French and use their knowledge upon their return to Spain, thus helping to develop cultural understanding between both countries.

Assistants will help classroom teachers as native-like speakers and experts on their home country to encourage students’ interest in Spain. The program thus has the dual function of cultural exchange, on one hand, and providing the resources for the assistants to improve both their linguistic and professional skills, on the other.

The Spanish government pays the assistants a monthly stipend. Applying institutions will provide a monthly stipend to help with accommodation and other expenses. Travel expenses to and from the US will be assumed by the selected candidates.

The duration of the program is from October 1st to May 31st.

General Information

Would you like to motivate your students and boost the significance of language learning with an in-class input?

This program aims precisely to allow Canadian schools to benefit from a highly qualified university graduate motivated to share the Spanish language and culture with students in your class, hands-on use of Spanish speaking skills as well as an assistance in integrative activities.

Language assistants bring culture, language, motivation, and fresh dynamics directly into your Spanish classroom.

Documents for applying institutions

Please see the documents below to view the program Guidelines as well as the Application form.

Call open for schools from March 1st to March 17th 2024.


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