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The Spanish Language Resource Center at the University of Connecticut Nueva ventana at Storrs was created with the intention of promoting the teaching and studying of Spanish in the State of Connecticut. The Center provides support to teachers, professionals, university students and all those interested in the knowledge and promotion of the Spanish language and culture.

The creation of the Center was possible thanks to an agreement signed by the University of Connecticut at Storrs and the Education Office of the Embassy of Spain in the United States. Nueva ventana

The Center is located on the Storrs Campus and houses an up-to-date collection of bibliographic and audiovisual resources for teaching Spanish. The Office of Education provides the center with material resources for the achievement of its objectives.

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  • Provide information on the programs offered by the Education Office and other Spanish institutions.
  • Collaborate in the training of elementary and secondary school Spanish teachers.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for current and future Spanish teachers.
  • Provide materials to those interested in the learning and promotion of Spanish.
  • Establish a system to enable educational institutions to utilize these resources.
  • Organize workshops, seminars and group work related to Spanish language teaching and research in Applied Linguistics and Literature.
  • Promote and participate in initiatives that favor students in different ways.

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What is a Spanish Resource Center?

It is a free and open access service, whose purpose is to offer not only a place to consult bibliographic and audiovisual material, but also a meeting space of formative and cultural dynamization. These centers offer a variety of activities and resources to teachers, students, administrators and anyone interested in the Spanish language and culture. (Brochure Nueva ventana)

What kind of material can I find?

These centers have at your disposal bibliographic, audiovisual and didactic material for consultation at the center.

What is eLeo? Nueva ventana

It is a digital library, which also has an app for cell phones, allowing the reading on loan of e-books and other digital content.

Can I attend the activities?

For sure! The resource centers also play a dynamic role in the planning and organization of dissemination activities: talks, debates, meetings, competitions...

Don't miss the meetings of our UConn's Spanish Club! Nueva ventana Or the meetings on Spain´s World Heritage Cities. Nueva ventana

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