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REVISTA DE EDUCACIÓN is a scientific journal published by the Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional. Founded in 1940, and since 1952 called Revista de Educación, it has been a privileged witness of the development of education in the last decades, and an acknowledged means for the dissemination of education research and innovation, both from a national and international perspectives. It is currently assigned to the Instituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa within the Dirección General de Evaluación y Cooperación Territorial and it is published by the Subdirección General de Documentación y Publicaciones of the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.

Each year we publish four issues. Starting next issue (No. 361), the magazine will have three sections: Research, Essays and Education Experiences, all of them submitted to referees.

In the first issue of the year there is also an index of bibliography, and in the second number a report with statistic information about the journal process of this period and the impact factors, as well as a list of our external advisors.

From 2006 to the second number of 2012 (May-August 358), Revista de Educación was published in a double format, paper and electronic. The paper edition included all the articles in the especial section, the abstracts of articles pertaining to the rest of sections, and an index of reviewed and received books. The electronic edition contains all articles and reviews of each issue, and it is available through this web page (, where it is possible to find more interesting information about the journal. From the 358 number Revista de Educación becomes exclusively an online publication.

Revista de Educación assesses, selects and publishes studies framed in well established lines of research, mainly: methodologies of education investigation and assessment; analysis of education systems and public policies; evolution and history of contemporary education systems; education reforms and innovations; quality and equity in education; curriculum; didactics; school organization and management; attention to diversity and inclusive education; educational guidance and tutorship; teacher selection, training and professional development; international cooperation for the development of education.

Salto de línea Revista de Educación does not necessarily agree with opinions and judgements maintained by authors.


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