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  • Revista de Educación is a scientific publication of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Vocational Training and Sports. Founded in 1940, with the title ‘Revista de Educación’ since 1952, it has been an exceptional witness of the evolution of Education in the last decades, as well as a regarded channel for the diffusion of the advances in Research and Innovation in the field of Education from a national and international perspective. Revista de Educación is published by the Sub-directorate General of Documentation and Publications, and is at present attached to the National Institute for Educative Evaluation of the Directorate General of Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation.
  • The journal publishes four issues a year, each containing three sections: research, essays and reviews. One of the four issues might have a monographic section. That monographic section is previously announced on this website. All manuscripts sent to the different sections are externally reviewed.
  • The first issue of the year includes a bibliographic index, and each second issue contains an editorial section as well as an annual report containing the main statistics regarding the publishing process of that period, impact and quality indexes and the list of external reviewers reviewers.

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