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Spanish diplomas in The Philippines

Recognition of university diplomas

To have a Spanish university degree recognized and validated in the Philippines, and as this country is a signatory of the Hague Agreement since May 2019, please follow the instructions on this matter given by The Spanish Ministry of Universities Nueva ventana.

The applicant must also apply for validation of their studies through the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Nueva ventana and follow the procedure that they require.

Recognition of non-university diplomas

The process of application for recognition of non-university degrees is the following:

  1. Recognition of signatures by the Education Office of the corresponding Autonomous Region.
  2. Translation of documents into English by a certified translator.
  3. Application for Apostille through the Ministry of Justice Nueva ventana
  4. Application for recognition through the Department of Education in The Philippines.Nueva ventana

More information: Consular Services of the Embassy of the Philippines in Spain.

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