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Foreign diplomas in Spain

How to submit an application for recognition of non-university studies. Link PDF

  • Documents (master copy must be presented where it will be scanned and returned to the party concerned):
    • Proof of identity document (NIF / Passport / NIE / other document)
    • To obtain the application, you must enter the electronic office of the Ministry Nueva ventana. Please follow the instructions carefully.
    • Justification of the payment fee Nueva ventana
    • From outside Spain, payment will be made by bank transfer.
    • The following documentation must be legalized by means of a Hague Apostille and subsequently translated by a certified translator:
      • Official title or diploma whose approval is requested or, if applicable, official certification accrediting passing the corresponding final exams.
      • Official academic certification of the courses taken, stating the subjects followed, the grades obtained, and the academic years in which the respective courses were taken (last 4 years for the homologation of the Compulsory Secondary Education Graduate title and last 3 years for the Bachelor's Degree).
  • Presentación de la solicitud

Se puede presentar la solicitud en la Oficina de Educación de la Embajada de España en Manila, con cita previa por email.

University studies

The homologation of a foreign title to a Spanish title that allows access to a regulated profession will entail the possibility of exercising the regulated profession in question under the same conditions as the holders of the Spanish titles that qualify for such exercise.Salto de línea Salto de línea The titles of regulated careers are homologated: Medical, Veterinary, Engineering (Civil Engineering; Mining, Industrial, Aeronautical, Agricultural, Forestry, Naval and Oceanic, and Telecommunications), Nursing, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Pharmacist, Speech therapist, Optician-Optometrist, Podiatrist, Occupational Therapist, Dietician-Nutritionist, Technical Engineer (Mining, Public Works, Aeronautical, Agricultural, Forestry, Naval, Industrial, Telecommunications, Topography), Technical Architect, Early Childhood Education Teacher and Primary Education Teacher, Lawyer and Attorney of the Courts.Salto de línea

The equivalence of a degree grants the foreign degree, throughout the national territory, the same effects as the titles that are included in the area and specific field of training to which the equivalence has been declared, excluding the professional effects with respect to those Titles that can be obtained by homologation.

The equivalence at an academic level grants the foreign degree, throughout the national territory, the effects corresponding to the academic level with respect to which the equivalence has been declared.

The request for both procedures, Homologación and Equivalencia is submitted online by the person interested.

Further information

For any inquiries on recognition of diplomas, you can contact the Spanish Education Office in the Philippines e-mail.


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